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uAbout Us

Officially established on 4th Feb 2015 with approval from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Social Organization and Administration, Guangdong Academy of?Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD Academy) is a nonprofit academic organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of Chinese enterprises in South China region, which accepts both the supervision and administration of the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province as well as the business direction of government departments.

Our members and partners include professionals and experts who are engaged in teaching, scientific researches and practical applications in the field of sustainable development, with background of manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, NGOs, civil society organizations, governmental agencies and academics, each bringing valuable perspectives and expertise.

We collaborate with people from all walks of life to work collaboratively to conserve our environment and to find solutions that will create corporations’ sustainability through science-based research, education, publications, policy work and so on. CSD Academy also offers a portfolio of services to help driving effective implementation related to sustainability issues.

uTop Goals

(1) To unite our members; to carry out the Party’s principles and policies, and to provide guidance to and supervise the enterprises in observing the Constitution, Laws, regulations, and policies of the state.

(2) To create a system of knowledge and skills of sustainable development for enterprises; to spread the concept of sustainable development and to brainstorm new ideas to transform the enterprises.

(3) To provide consulting, training services, and the talent training scheme for the members, and to help enterprises to build entirety and core competitive power so as to upgrade their levels in sustainable development.

(4) To accelerate the collaboration between enterprises and the whole society to promote the green management concept.

u Business Scope

(1) To provide enterprises with management and technological training and consulting services in the field of sustainable development, including Enterprise Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health Management, Safety Production Management, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Low-carbon Development, Labor Protection and Labor Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Green Investment and Financing, etc.

(2) To carry out academic researches and conduct achievements-centered appraisals and evaluations, to engage in the publication of original papers and studies, and to dedicate to the introduction and popularization of new knowledge, theory and technologies.

(3) To organize activities and events (seminars, workshops, lectures and meetings) in the related areas of enterprise sustainable development, to carry out both domestic and international academic exchanges, to encourage the communication and cooperation between members and to promote Industry-Academia-Research projects.

(4) To undertake some of the transferred government functions and to take on the relevant outsourcing project of government services effectively.

(5) To support the public sectors with valuable policy recommendations and research basis, and to provide our members with updated policies and regulations as well as necessary information.

uSponsors and Initiators

China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC)

Guangdong Prevention and Treatment Center for Occupational Diseases

Work Safety Association of Guangzhou Development District and Luogang (WSAGL)

Low Carbon Industry and Technology Association of Guangdong

Guangzhou Society for Environmental Education

Ally Information Service (AIS)

Mr. WANG Xiaohui, Professor in Management, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University.

Ms. LING Li, Professor, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Mr. HU Shijie, Vice president of Guangdong Prevention and Treatment Center for Occupational Diseases.

Mr. PAN Yongzhang, Professor, College of Science and Engineering at Jinan University.

Mr. ZHOU Yongzhang, Professor, School of Earth Science and Geological Engineering , Sun Yat-Sen University.


So far, CSD Academy’s initial membership of 60 has grown to 459 (439 individual members and 20 institutional members).

uChronicle of Events


Get approval from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Social Organization and Administration as well as Notification of Name Registration


The Sponsors Meeting


The Founding Ceremony and the 1st Membership Assembly of Guangdong Academy of Corporate Sustainable Development


Got Registration Certificate of Legal Person in Non-governmental Organization issued by Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, and CSD Academy was officially established.


1st Meeting of the 1st Session of the Council


Forum: Fire Safety Technology and Regulations, Guangdong 2015


Seminar: G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines


Seminar: Going Green with LCA and 1mi1


Seminar: Business Ethics and Anti-bribery - How to Manage the Risk of Corruption Effectively with BS 10500


2nd Meeting of the 1st Session of the Council


Forum: Occupational Health Management of Enterprises, Guangdong 2015




3rd Meeting of the 1st Session of the Council


Seminar: Lockout Tag Out Beat Practices


2nd Meeting of the 1st Session of the Council

Seminar: Protection of Enterprise Soil Environment, Guangdong 2016


APPLE Suppliers EHS Management Training Class Closing Ceremony


Seminar: New Tools and Standards to Advance and Measure Corporate Sustainability

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